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About Us


"We create art, cultural and educational spaces that elevate critical conversations..."

At Raow Raow, we advocate for the transformative power of art. From the historical use of traditional drumming and petroglyphs as channels of communication and sacred symbols, to the contemporary innovations of today, we align ourselves with the legacy of socially conscious artists and entities who are forward-thinking catalysts for global inspiration.

This exploration delves into various forms of connection, highlighting the communal essence inherent in the creation of art. Our emphasis on the collective process becomes a living model for community organization in harmony with the natural world. Located in Las Vegas, NV, our role as a creative collective and production team is defined by specialization in multimedia art and education. Because of this, we believe art is a powerful tool for community bridging and communal healing. We navigate the intersection of art, mental health, culture, and politics. At Raow Raow, our dedicated focus remains on generating expressions that hold profound meaning, contributing to the enhancement of individuals and communities alike.   


We create art, cultural and educational spaces that elevate critical conversations around race, identity, gender, sexuality, and dominant narratives that often marginalize communities with access barriers.   We do performances at universities, festivals, and event venues that include digital live art, live performance fusing traditional drums with digital production, dance, educational forums.   From old negro spirituals to Bass production, our collectives delves in the unknown to create art, installations, and event spaces that dance with the notion that a more inclusive future is possible today.


We also collaborate with artists, brands, and institutions to bring their unique missions to fruition. 

Raow Raow

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