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...we believe art is a powerful tool for community bridging and communal healing!


RAOW RAOW Creative Portal.  A 3 day artist collaborative retreat to support artist specific project.  This includes art direction, music and video production, photography, recording, mixing, and recap promo video. 



In collaboration with The City of Las Vegas, our family-friendly 1 day festival provides a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of art and sustainability.

...we believe art is a powerful tool for community bridging and communal healing!

At Raow Raow, we advocate for the transformative power of art.

We create art, cultural and educational spaces to elevate our understanding around race, identity, gender, sexuality, and dominant narratives that often marginalize communities with access barriers.


We curate performances at universities, festivals, and venues that include music and poetry performances, live painting, digital live art, dance,  production, dance.  From old negro spirituals with bass production,  to Latin American rhythms with bilingual raps, our collective delves between worlds to design and showcase a futuristic version of our traditions today.  Honoring the rich tapestry of traditions and experiences that make up our collective experience, we dance with the reality that a future can only exist with our collective healing today. 

We collaborate with artists, brands, and institutions to bring their vision of a future into reality

Raow Raow

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Somewhere between the earth and the sky in Las Vegas

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